Why Bake from Scratch?

From our perspective, this answer is a no-brainer! Making a dessert with fresh, natural ingredients is going to taste inherently better than either convenience products (mass-produced with preservatives and other chemical ingredients) or pre-made mixes will ever be capable of. In addition to the deliciousness of the product, another advantage to from-scratch baking is the peace of mind we have, knowing exactly what we are putting into our bodies.

From a preparation perspective, from-scratch baking allows our team of pastry chefs the freedom to get creative and accommodate many different customer flavor requests, from our award winning Cheesecakes to our best selling Chocolate Mousse to decadent Carrot Cake and artisan Gelato. It also allows us to cater to our customers’ needs. We want our cakes and desserts to represent the essence of the particular event, person, or restaurant we are catering to, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in flavor.

We’ve had customers mention that our products are not as sweet as what they’re used to from grocery store cakes. We take pride in this and believe there is something to be said for the more subtle and sophisticated nuances of flavors that result from fresh ingredients. The time and attention we spend to make each fresh-ingredient cake or dessert from scratch is crystal clear when the plate in front of you is empty! We can’t wait for you to see for yourself!

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