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Peach Raspberry Crumb Pie

Fresh peaches and raspberries combine to create this amazing French crumb topped pie. Serve with a scoop of vanilla gelato for the ultimate Peach Melba dessert.

Mango Mousse

3 Layers of white cake each topped with mango puree and mango mousse, iced with mango puree mousse and topped with a generous layer of mango.

Lemon Raspberry Mousse

Our delicious mousse topped with fresh raspberries and our outrageous raspberry sauce all surrounded by spongy ladyfingers

Creamsicle Cheesecake

Our delicious cheesecake laced and swirled with orange cream will take you back with sweet memories of parks and the sounds of ice cream truck bells!

Piña Colada Cupcake

Our white cupcake filled with juicy crushed pineapple, topped with piña colada buttercream, then finished off with a sprinkle of coconut and a cherry on top.

Homemade Quiche

Mara's homemade quiches have been top sellers at our café's for years. We are now offering them to our wholesale accounts! Available in three standard options (Lorraine, Spinach & Portobella Mushroom and Broccoli & Cheddar.) We also offer one seasonal special.

  • Our quiche is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as catering and special events.

  • They are 10", uncut allowing for serving sizes of 4 (as a main item), 6 (add on item) or 8 for catering and events.

  • The price per quiche is $10.00 with a very profitable cost of $2.50/slice as a main item (suggested menu price would be 6.99 on its own or up to 12.99 with a side salad or soup). $1.67 as a side item or appetizer (suggested menu price of 4.99) or $1.25 as a special event or catering showpiece item.

  • As with all Mara's products, our quiche is made from scratch and can be marketed as a homemade product!

  • Easy to store and re-heat, they come fully cooked and can be frozen perfectly. Refrigerated will allow 7 days of optimal use. Can be microwaved and finished off in high heat oven for quick serve or baked in oven or toaster. Cooking times vary, please work with your sales rep to identify the best process based on your equipment.

Artisan Gelato

Another café top seller coming to the Mara's standard offerings. Mara's gelato is made from the most natural and true to the culture ingredients. Our gelato is made to order and is as creamy and delicious as anything you will find in Italy (many have told us it is better!). Our gelato is available in these flavors currently: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cafe Mocha, and Thin Mint Along with Wild Berry & Lemon Sorbets - with more to come in the warmer months.

  • Available in 1 Gallon easy scoop, durable freezer ready buckets for $30.

  • 4oz serving cost of around $1.00 can be sold for $3-$5. Add it to a warmed Mara's brownie or cookie with whipped cream for a $6-$7 dessert menu offering at well under 30% food cost

  • Can also be used for catering and special events as well as in specialty beverages such as Affogato-Espresso or coffee with a scoop of gelato, often also topped with amaretto.

  • Award winning product over the years at our cafes.

Fresh Roasted Coffee

At Mara's we now roast all of our coffee fresh on site at our bakery. Our coffee is simply the best and freshest you will find on the wholesale market we will guarantee that. Available in 5 current offerings: House Blend, House Blend Decaf, Espresso, Espresso Decaf and Might Bold (our dark roasted, but incredibly smooth strong offering). Our coffee has won awards all over the state for years and can now be the accompaniment needed with Mara's desserts to give your guest the perfect, truly special final touches to a great experience at your establishment.

  • Available in sib ground or unground kept fresh within easy-store bags for $7.25/1b. for regular roasts and $8.00/1b. for decaf roasts.

  • Specialty blends/roasts can be made. Let us know what you are looking for.

  • Volume discounts available

  • Unbelievable profit margins for a product that will literally have them asking for more. Can private label and/or offer individual pounds or half pounds for quick and easy retail revenue.

  • Award winning product over the years at our cafes.

Pre-Scooped Unbaked Cookies

Our from scratch made cookie dough is the perfect way to bring in an award winning product that could not be easier to make, is 100% waste free, holds for as long as needed and is a perfect complement for dessert items, can be used for catering, special events or as a thank you to your guests.

  • Homemade look (because it is!) Allowing for homemade in your kitchen marketing

  • Available flavors: Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin, Triple Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk

  • Incredibly profitable at about .40-.45/per 1.5-1.7oz pre-scooped cookie portion. Sell for up to $1.75 each or add value to another dessert item, such as a gelato sandwich, increasing plate menu price another $1.50.

  • Provided in zip loc bags inside our strong corrugated boxes allowing for no waste and freezer burn protection.

  • Simple to make. Bake as few or as many as you want at a time at 300-350 degrees for about 15-17 minutes. Display right out of the oven and your guests will simply not be able to say no.

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